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Our Story

Founded in 2003 by restauranteur Stephanie Tang’s Chophouse has become one of Dallas’ most popular and attractive dining destinations. Stephanie is one of Dallas’ most renowned female chefs and butcher in the DFW area, she has always had a passion for butchery ever since her dad owned and operated a small butcher shop in the Dallas area when she was a little kid, growing up she was learned new techniques of carving meat which she uses today. Stephanie gave up the cookie cutter corporate 8-5 job to pursue her passion of owning a restaurant. At Steph’s Chop house, we put immeasurable care into everything we do, all to provide our Guests a dining experience like no other. Our combination of simple elegance, lively atmosphere, Texas sized drinks, fine wines and large cuts of the finest prime steaks, chops and seafood make Steph’s the best steakhouse in town. A passion for quality food and service, careful attention to detail, and a determination to treat every person that walks through the door as a welcome guest.

Stephanie Tang
Steph's Steaks

Our Quality

Handcut Steaks

At Steph's, your last bite is just as good as your first, our perfected broiling method and seasoning techniques ensure each cut of our USDA Prime beef we serve arrives cooked to perfection and sizzling on a 500° plate. If there’s one thing to know about steaks, it’s that USDA Prime is the best of the best. Representing the top 2-3% of cattle, these cuts are well marbled and hand-selected for thickness and tenderness. Here at Steph's we only serve our guests the finest—and that’s why we serve custom-aged USDA Prime beef.